Holger Maass Photography

Holger Maass Photography

Cutting, Catching, Scratching

April 2017

Turning Around

March 2017

Dreaming of Me

Febuary 2017

This Is Why I Am Calling You

January 2017

Spinning In Circles

December 2016

Homebound I - III

December 2016


November 2016

Flowting Away

October 2016

Here We Are

August 2016

White Smoke Rising

July 2016

München Nord

May 2016

Coal Miner

April 2016

Forever And Everything

April 2016

It´s You, Not Me

March 2016

Summer In The Sun

February 2016

Hold On Sweety

Januar 2016

Sheep Shifting

December 2015


November 2015

Blue Monday

November 2015

Karlotta Arnold

October 2015

Hey Little Sister

September 2015

As Times Goes By

June 2015

Man In Black

May 2015

A Cooler Breeze Approaching

February 2015

Kimono Shining

January 2015


December 2014

Land In Sonne

November 2014

So Many Lights, So Bright

October 2014

Goodbye Blue Sky

August 2014

Dream On

July 2014

Anything You Need

February 2014

But Well Dressed

March 2014

The White Cat Shooting

May 2013

Always The Sun

July 2013

Follow You, Follow Me

August 2013

See You Around

May 2014

Comma Jeans

March 2013

Love Is Not An Alternative

April 2013